The Ithikkara River

The Ithikkara River flows south of Ugramkunnu. Prior to public works improvements in 1975, the river used to become swollen and flood during the monsoon season. Both the widest and the narrowest parts of the river may be found near Oyoor, as there is a spot where the water has to flow between two huge rocks. The rocks are named "Unnikkannan Paras", a reference to Lord Krishna. The width between the rocks is only two feet. In summer, when the flow is at its ebb, one can cross the river by jumping. Once the river passes between the rocks, it widens to approximately two furlongs. During summer seasons the water recedes to one side of the river and exposes a large part of the bed covered with white, fine sand. It is here that the "Manali Kachhavadam", an annual flea market of household necessities and other domestic products, takes place. The SreeRama Temple is located on northern bank of the river but, due to a bend in the river, appears to be on the west, looking to the east. A road along a sandy bank passing the temple leads to the northernmost part of Trivandrum district: Pakalkuri, which is home to the nearest government high school. Students from Oyoor have to ferry across the Ithikkara river, in front of the temple (see the picure below, taken in 2006, a view from the bridge connecting Kollam and Trivandrum Dist, the bridge was constructed in 1961–63, foundation stone laid by Sri Pattom Thanupillai, the then chief minister of Kerala The white spot in center of the picture is the temple.)

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