Pulimukku jn is a small beautifull place in the Kollam Taluk, Kollam District of Kerala, India. It is situated on the banks of the Ithikkara River. It is surrounded by several small satellite villages: Aduthala in the south, Kummalloor in the west, Miyannoor in the north and Oyoor in the east.In this junction a new kurishadi constructed by Mar Bursouma orthodox church .

 Local temples and history

The SreeRama Temple is also the site of the "Kaala Vayal" cattle auction/show, a part of the annual "Rohini Nakshathram Ulsavam" (festival) at Velinalloor. This festival has been the subject of a documentary on Jeevan TV. The famous Sri Ramaswamy kshetram (temple), dating back more than 1,000 years, is located in Velinalloor. It is believed that His Highness Marthanda Varma of Travancore was the last king who supported and maintained the temple. Velinalloor has its own significance in the epics. It is believed that Ugramkunnu is the place where Sugerevan lived (Sugreevan Kunnu-Ugramkunnu) and that Valiyan Kunnu is the place where Bali lived (Baliyan Kunnu-Valiyan Kunnu). There is some evidence that Jadayu Para in Chadayamangalam is the place where Ravanan cut Jadayu's wings. Peykavu is a Kavu 100 meters away from the Sree Keezhuttu Devi Temple. Its distinct feature is that no idol of any Lord is installed inside the Kavu. Devotees believe in the presence of Lord Shiva and he is called "Appooppan" (Grandfather). The rituals are performed by the male devotees who visit here, without the presence of Brahmin priests. Women are not allowed inside the Kavu. The most important offering to the Appooppan is "Pey-Oottu" or serving the lord with food, especially bananas. Keezhuttu Devi Temple was recently renovated by the public. It is one of the special temple where both Durga and Bhadrakali resides in the same Nalambalam. Among the nearby attractions are the Velinalloor Sri Ramaswamy Temple, Kuzhithrachalil Sree Murugan temple, which is about 500 and above years old temple, the Mathiyodu Madan Kavu and the Kaithakkal Devi Temple. Kottarakara Ganapathi Temple is easily accessible.

Other people and places of interest

Oyoor resident Kochu Govinda Pillai (1916–2008) was a great Kathakali artist who trained Kathakali under the great Sri. Chennithala Kochu Pillai Panicker and Sri. Kurichi Kunjan Panicker and winner of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 1989.
The Sri Ramavilasam Kathakali school, under Sri Vasukutty, a former Kalamandalam Principal Sri. Gangadharan (Kathakali music), is located nearby in Veliyanallur. Kalabharathi Kathakali school is also close by at Pakalkuri. Award winning Kadhakali performers namely Kalamandalam Ratheesan and Kalamandalam Ramachandran hails form this village. Kalamandalam Ratheeshan is well famous for his 'Nalan' and Kalamandalam Ramachandran for his female characters especially the 'Kurathi'.
In Ugramkunnu there is a government school near the Sri Ramaswamy Temple, originally founded 55 years ago by Sri Krishna Pillai (the Panchayat President) as a private school.

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